Hope4Hope Reviews

Hope 4 Home is the building industry’s response to global poverty.  Established the program in 1998 to invite builders to empower fellow entrepreneurs in developing countries through sustainable solutions to physical and spiritual poverty. “I love building homes, but there’s nothing more rewarding than building lives.” While HOPE International was originally founded to reach one Ukrainian community, Jeff’s dream for HOPE began to grow as the first 12 small-loan recipients successfully built sustainable businesses, provided for their families, and repaid the funds with interest.

Those who apply and are accepted for the Hope 4 Home  program must agree to an equity sharing program. Equity is the difference between the amount of your original loan and the actual value of the home; if you sell or refinance your home after entering the HOPE program, under the terms of Hope 4 Home  you are required to share any equity with the FHA. How much the government receives depends on how long you wait to sell or refinance. If you sell in the first year of your participation in HOPE, the government receives 100% of the equity.

Exactly what you will need to provide your mortgage company to apply for mortgage assistance Hope 4 Home  varies somewhat from program to program and from servicer to servicer– but they all require documentation on your loan, your finances and your circumstances. To maximize your options, you will need to gather this documentation as quickly and completely as you can. You will need to download, fill out and copy several forms that you will find on this website. And you will need to compile all your forms and documents into an organized file that your housing expert or mortgage servicer can understand and evaluate. Hope 4 Home  is here for you.